Technical problem before takeoff ruled out in EgyptAir probe: Sources

uni1464179242{BNN / CAIRO, Egypt} – Sources within the newly formed Egyptian investigation committee have revealed to the media that the EgyptAir flight that disappeared recently had not shown any technical problems before taking off from Paris.

Al-Ahram, Egypt’s state-owned newspaper has also published a copy of the Aircraft Technical Log signed by the flight’s pilot before takeoff on its website that claims that the plane had faced no technical problems before taking off.

Al-Ahram’s report further stated that EgyptAir flight 804 transmitted 11 “electronic messages” on May 18, starting about three and half hours before disappearing from radar screens.

The report revealed that the first two messages indicated that the engines were functional but the third message is said to have shown a rise in the temperature of the co-pilot’s window.

The plane reportedly kept transmitting messages for the next three minutes before vanishing.

Before these revelations came to light, Egypt’s forensics authority had dismissed all suggestions of an explosion on board as premature. Reports had argued that the small size of the body parts retrieved after the crash pointed out towards a possible on board explosion.

So far, an unidentified Egyptian forensics official has claimed that 23 bags of body parts have been collected, with reports stating that the largest part found being the palm of a hand.

The head of Egypt’s forensics authority, Hisham Abdelhamid however said in a statement that the assessments doing the rounds were “mere assumptions” and that it was too early to draw conclusions.

Sources have also revealed other intriguing facts from the investigation claiming that the plane with 66 people on board disappeared without swerving off radar screens less than a minute after entering Egyptian airspace.

However, several questions still remain unanswered regarding the tragic incident that left no survivors as varied statements on the flight’s final moments are emerging from Greece and Egypt.

Investigators are still said to be looking for the downed plane and its black box recorders, that would put several speculations to rest.

In May 18, a tweet from EgyptAir had spurred a whirlwind of worries across the globe after it informed that one of its flights had disappeared from radar.

MS804, AirbusA320 flight had 56 passengers and ten crew members on board.

Egypt’s national airline had said that the aircraft disappeared after entering Egyptian airspace and vanished over the Mediterranean Sea at 37,000 feet.

The airline listed out the nationalities of the passengers claiming that there were 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Iraqis and one each from Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. READ MORE

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