Canadian Prime Minister Elbows female opposition member, apologizes

epa04986108 Canadian Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau takes part in a press conference at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa, Canada, 20 October 2015. Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party beat the incumbent Conservative Stephen Harper in the the 42nd Canadian general election held on 19 October, with 184 confirmed seats. EPA/Chris Roussakis EPA/Chris Roussakis{BNN / TORONTO, Canada} – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized for elbowing a female opposition member of the Parliament.

According to reports, Opposition lawmaker Ruth Ellen Brosseau said that she was elbowed in the chest by the Prime Minister and had to leave the House of Commons chamber for that reason.

She reportedly said, “I was elbowed in the chest by the prime minister and then I had to leave. It was very overwhelming. I missed the vote because of this.”

Reports claimed that the incident occurred when the members had gathered to vote on the controversial assisted-dying bill.

Footage shows Trudeau wading through a number of opposition lawmakers, and pulling one of them to get the vote started.

Brosseau was elbowed by Trudeau in the process.

Trudeau later apologized and said that he did not intend to hurt anyone. He said he only wanted to escort a lawmaker through a horde of opposition lawmakers who were blocking his way.

He added, “I took it upon myself to go and assist him forward, which was I now see unadvisable as a course of action. I apologize for that unreservedly and I look for opportunities to make amends.”

Conservative Andrew Scheer said that the Prime Minister clearly lost his temper.

Scheer said, “He was motivated by anger and lost his temper. It is very, very unfortunate. We had a member of Parliament that wasn’t able to vote.”

Opposition New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair is said to have lashed out at Trudeau saying, “What kind of man elbows a woman?” READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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