Kerry Could Face Barbs at Anti-Corruption Summit

KERRY1{VOA NEWS / LONDON} — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry may be gently scolded Thursday when he attends an anti-corruption summit hosted by Prime Minister David Cameron in London.

“The evil of corruption reaches into every corner of the world. It lies at the heart of the most urgent problems we face – from economic uncertainty, to endemic poverty, to the ever-present threat of radicalization and extremism,” Cameron said in a statement at the start of the summit Thursday.

The summit’s aim will be to agree on mechanisms to expose and punish corruption. The meeting will include leaders of Afghanistan, Colombia and Nigeria.

In remarks to Oxford University students Wednesday, Kerry said the U.S. was working with countries like Nigeria to combat corruption.

“Nigeria saw tens of billions of dollars taken out of the country. Those were schools, those were health care, those were infrastructure, new jobs, hidden in bank accounts around the world,” he said. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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