Strange Ship Docked On The Shores Of Grand Cape Mount, Whereabouts Of Crew Unknown

4977c6c28b4efc6988d07dbce3709d2dA strange ship without crew members docked on the sea shores of Grand Cape Mount County, Western Liberia has caused a serious concerns in the County with many wondering as to who may have docked it on the sea shores of Liberia.

According to residents of the area who are expressing fears of this mysterious ship loaded with oil tanker marked Tamaya 1 was discovered abandoned on the shores of Grand Cape Mount County city, Robertsports with no trace of its crew.

This situation has created serious security concerns, especially when news of pirates hijacking ships on deep sea is been reported in the news media most often.

Due to its serious security implications by docking on Liberia’s sea shores without crew members some residents who spoke to our Correspondent threatened to loot the ship, but elders of the place have advised them not to do so but rather wait for the Liberian Government response to this mysterious ship.

Others who spoke to our Correspondent, called on the Liberian Government to deploy security on board the ship and do a thorough search on the ship as to what led to its docking.

Report said the ship has already been vandalized by unknown persons, and still the crew whereabouts are still unknown.

Ordinary Liberians who were interviewed by our staff also expressed fears of the appearance of a ship without a crew on the shores of Liberia, and also called on authority to launch an investigation into such situation.

Detail of this report will follow in our subsequent posting.

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