LIBERIA: Cellcom Tops Launches 4G+LTE Internet

cellcomOne of the three competing GSM companies operating in Liberia, Cellcom whose coming into being has transformed and reshaped the cellular communication market has hit gold, proudly riding the on the horseback across the African Continent with its newly introduced 4G+LTE internet, the first in Africa.

With this technological revolution, no doubt the Company is proudly ruling the African Continent with an achievement that defines its innovatively technical dexterity, puts it on par with other giants in the business in the African region and other parts of world and even further elucidates the versatility it brings to the table, an expert told this paper.

This groundbreaking milestone was unveiled last week at a colorfully red-lettered occasion that drew dignitaries and guests from the private and public sector including Vice President Joseph N. Boakai at the Monrovia City Hall.

Unveiling the extraordinary development, Chief Executive Officer, Avishai Marziano, who is the man at the helm of happenings declared that Cellcom had transitioned from “a Cellular company to a Digital communication company,” with the launch of 4G+ LTE, the fastest internet in Africa.

“Cellcom is the first GSM Company in Liberia to launch 4G + LTE,” he declared to the gathering and beyond in his keynote speech. According to him, the breakthrough did not come on a silver plate, rather an outcome of extensive work and planning that spanned four years.

“The move towards this new internet technology had been four years in the making, utilized thousands of man’s hours and millions of dollars to accomplish,” CEO Marziano revealed, adding “but it would truly transform Liberia.”

“With 4G+ LTE, we will deliver cutting-edge services like tele-medicine, e-banking, virtualization or real-time video streaming that will have an immediate and transformational impact on this society. Our customers will be able to download and upload files faster, as well as, enjoy online-TV and buffer free streaming of audio and video files.”

Liberia is said to be lagging behind in the world of internet technology, but experts and others believe the country has made great leap with Cellcom’s latest technology.

“This was all possible because the new platform, which is ten times faster than Cellcom’s new 4G+LTE attains top speeds of 150 MBps compared to 42 MBps on ITS regular 4G network,” Mr. Marziano said.

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