ECOWAS Citizens Union Chair Against War Crimes Court

ECOWAS LOGO The Chairman of the ECOWAS Citizens Union, Mr. Yahya Jalingo, has differed with people calling for the setting up of a war crimes court in Liberia.

Accordingly, Jalingo has recommended that the next elected Liberian government should declare general amnesty for all those who participated in the civil war so that the country can move forward.

Meanwhile, amidst persistent calls for the maintenance of the current UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) troops in the country for the 2017 General and Presidential Elections, Jalingo has pledged his organization’s support for the June 2016 drawdown of the UNMIL.

In a position statement, Mr. Yahiya pointed that the presence of UNMIL is not the panacea to peace in Liberia, arguing that it is Liberians themselves who can decide whether or not to sustain the prevailing peace in the country.

According to Jalingo, the real challenges of stability that the Liberia faces now include the provision of healthcare, education, and basic social services.

Mr. Jalingo observed that the international peacekeeping force is tired being in Liberia as it is pressed with mountainous security challenges in other countries, adding, “It is about time Liberia takes the courage to move on.”

He also observed that every country in the region has its own challenges and difficulties and will not always be in the position to shift attention to Liberia.

Mr. Jalingo, who is a naturalized Liberian citizen, contended that the security situation that existed in the country 10 to 20 years ago is not the same today.

Making reference to the upcoming 2017 General and Presidential elections, he asserted that elections are not a fight to death, but a contest, adding, “If we decide to have peaceful elections we must also commit to gracefully accept defeat when we lose, embrace the winner and move forward.”

The ECOWAS Citizens Union comprises all sub-regional immigrants resident in Liberia.

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