Donald Trump defends his campaign manager at Wisconsin campaign stop

By Sopan Deb CBS News

dab903e4febf4c8684887cb80c1aa7deGOP frontrunner Donald Trump, making his first campaign stop in Wisconsin, openly mocked former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, and he suggested that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski may have been coming to his aid in the incident which has Lewandowski now charged with battery.

“If somebody squeezed your arm or hurt you, wouldn’t you start screaming or something?” Trump said in Janesville. “Did you see any change in her face?”

An audience member responded, “I reran it and reran it on a wide screen and there was nothing.”

The surveillance footage from Trump’s golf club in Jupiter shows Lewandowski reaching out, grabbing Fields and yanking her backyards. It did not appear that Fields came close to falling to the ground, but in the aftermath, Lewandowski called Fields “delusional” and said that he had never touched her. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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