My Lunch Date With Dr. Adam Cohen and family, A Story Worth Telling

cohenMy Sunday afternoon lunch date, March 20, 2016 with Dr. Adam Cohen, one of America’s respected Scientists and family at his mother’s residence in the heart of the world’s most busiest cities, Manhattan, New York was a wonderful day To Tell and remember.

Riding the elevator along with Mr. Asumana Jabateh Rabndolph ain one of the tallest buildings in the city of Manhattan where the mouthwatering lunch was held, Dr. Cohen, his lovely wife Jennifer Hou-Cohen and his mother, Dr. Audrey Cohen including the parents of his darling wife who all were set and anxiously seated to welcome me at the well-arranged lunch date.

Prior to the well-organized lunch date by Dr. Audrey Cohen, mother of Dr. Cohen, Dr. Jennifer Hou-Cohen took part in the early morning hour ‘New York Half Marathon’ being athletically fit did her best during the competition.

Dr. Adam Cohen, 36, one of America’s youngest inventors with two PhDs, and also Founder of “Q-State Biosciences”, a biotechnology startup aimed at developing functional models of human neuropsychiatric, neurodegenerative, and cardiac diseases.

 He has over the years visited Liberia to show his love to his mentor, Mr. Randolph by giving him return to his numerous contributions made in improving his educational sojourns to stage him where he is nowadays through his mentor’s tutorship over the years.

 At the lunch table where everyone was seated, Dr. Cohen and his darling wife could not withhold their admiration for Mr. Randolph, as both parents attentively watched the couple pouring praises on him, making specific reference of the role he played for their union as husband and wife.

This young American inventor has always been on the frontline helping people whose desire is to acquire sound education; Liberia being a case study where some Liberian medical students have benefited from his scholarships.

Due to his role in the area of science and technology at the Harvard University, Adam Cohen who is currently a Professor in the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Physics.He won 2014 National Faculty award at that University.

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