Police In Monrovia Arrest Revenue Imposer

imposterThe Liberia National Police with the aid of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), has arrested a former employee of the defunct Department of Revenue/Ministry of Finance Terrence Moore, with several others on the run, in the act of impersonating as an LRA employee and extorting money from taxpayers.

According to a release from the LRA, Police in the commercial enclave of Waterside arrested Moore recently at the MK & Son Store in Waterside after LRA Enforcement Officers caught him red-handed in the act of extorting money from a businessman.

Moore was caught with a fake LRA ID Card and fabricated tax-related documents.

Businesses at Waterside and other areas have complained that too many LRA officers and collectors were extorting money from them and they were asking paying bribe multiple times to the alleged criminals, a situation that prompted surveillance and the subsequent arrest of Mr. Moore.

The LRA has realized that there are several unscrupulous individuals impersonating as its employees and defrauding government of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Several businesses have informed the LRA that Moore and several redundant employees of the former Finance Ministry, with whom taxpayers are still acquainted, are involved in an organized crime of extorting monies from taxpayers.

The LRA is reminding all taxpayers and the general public to be mindful of these unscrupulous individuals.

Therefore, all taxpayers are herewith advised to make their tax payment at the bank.

Taxpayers and the general public are informed that Tax Collector(s), Revenue Agents and Enforcers, visiting business institutions for tax purposes MUST present an original current letter of assignment (blue sheet with the LRA logo and seal of Liberia) The photos of the assigned field officers will also be on the letter. The businesses are requested to obtain and retain a photocopy of such letter(s) on their files for future reference.

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