LIBERIA: Cyril Allen Jr. Killed in Motor Accident

Cyril Allen, JrCyril Allen’s Jr. early Saturday morning met his untimely demise when the Nissan Pathfinder (plate A61644) struck a heavy-duty Renault truck, which was parked on the main road.

The truck, with plate C50363, had developed a mechanical problem and its operators didn’t remove it from the main road; neither did they place reflectors or other warning signs on the road for other motorists to take heed.

Mr. Allen was the son of Tenezee (who is known along the Edward Binyah Kesselly highway as Ma Zee) and Chief Cyril Allen, the Chairman Emeritus of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to information reaching the Daily Observer Mr. Allen was driving from Monrovia to his home in Dwazon, Margibi County, when he struck the truck and died “instantly.” The truck was parked in front of the home of Mr. Lewis G. Brown, former Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism.

Minister Brown’s home is just a stone’s throw from the famous RLJ Hotel in Monrovia.

Allen’s Dwazon residence is nearly four miles from where he met his tragic end.

Up to the time of his death, he served as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry Commerce and Industry in the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led administration, Republic of Liberia.

He was married to Mrs. Jessica Donovan-Allen from Harwich, Massachusetts, who lives in Liberia with their children. The Allen family is yet to speak with the media concerning the incident.

As news broke about his death in the very early hours of Saturday, March 5, most of his friends and former boss at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Minister Axel Addy, took to Facebook, expressing their shock and their condolences for what many described a very untimely death.

“Today has been too painful, I wish if only tomorrow would bring a yesterday to chat yet again with my brother,” Min. Addy wrote. “Thanks to all of you for the calls, this is too unreal. Many may have never understood our relationship, but he was my little brother, my road dog, my best real and loyal friend before he became my colleague and confidant. Each way I turn it, this 2AM message from my wife this morning is true, no matter what, it is really true. But this was not part of the plan. We have been celebrating life together for years and the plan was to continue to celebrate together until we were to become embarrassment to our daughters. To think he was the one telling me to seek medical attention right away, that life is more important than deliverables. Three generations of Addy/Allen friendship continued. Last night was not a part of the plan. This is just too painful to fully comprehend. Not fair.

RIP General; until we meet again, I got your back always. You can count on it. This is too painful!”

Samuel P. Jackson wrote: “My heart goes out to Tenezee and Cyril Allen on the loss of their son Cyril Afam Allen II. May God bless and comfort them. RIP Cyril Jr.”

William V. S. Tubman, III wrote: “Cyril Afam, was a genius. I am not just saying that. I mean like a real genius. I would hear some of the things he would say and would want to hide because he didn’t say what was popular, but what he believed. He was a man of texture and layers. His insights into things were so common sense, but extreme. He would have you falling on the floor in laughter and later sit thinking about what he had said. He was deep on so many levels.

“He had a great sense of humor and he really enjoyed his family and friends. I am so blessed to have known him. Jessica Donovan-Allen has been one of my closest friends in Liberia. She and Afam have been there for me. I am so sorry that she has to go through this horrible situation at all, but I am feeling so much better that so many love her. I am praying for peace in my heart and the hearts of all those who share in this massive loss. It is not easy.”

CREDIT: Daily Observer

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