LIBERIA: House Speaker Tyler Raps On Sterling Leadership

Speaker Tyler
Speaker Tyler

(LINA) -The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex J. Tyler, says Liberia needs to go beyond ‘historical greatness’ to become an economically great, socially inspiring, and politically mature country.

Speaker Tyler made the statement at the weekend when he served as keynote

speaker at the closing program of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) held in the University of Liberia auditorium.

The House Speaker indicated that this requires leadership innovations.

According to Tyler, Liberians must come to the point of understanding that a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

“A leader provides guidance and develops the activities of others as well as builds their capacities. He knows what to do next; knows why that is important and ensures positive outcomes. He or she must know how to generate the necessary resources to attain results,” he said.

Speaker Tyler stressed that a leader does not drive his people to self-destruction simply because he or she wants or desires power, adding, “A leader does not stir up chaos and confusion.”

He stressed that a leader “avoids malicious lies and propaganda aimed at achieving self-interest at the detriment of others. He or she is the epitome of good examples, peaceful co-existence and love for others. He or she does not take undue advantage of weaknesses, but helps the weak to build strength and to succeed in the midst ofadverse challenges.”

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, leadership is an awesome task or responsibility that demands knowledge and experience,” Speaker Tyler pointed out.

He noted that a leader must be selfless, uncontroversial, predictable, humble, development-oriented, informed, wise, looks beyond the common, able to withstand adversities, able to find quick and lasting solutions, able to build consensus and unite people, a thinker with abilities to assess and analyze and last, but most important, a visionary.

“This is the kind of leadership that helps to build strong institutions and a productive government. This is the kind of leadership that is required to draw Liberians out of economic servitude and doldrums and transport them into the realm of prosperity,” Speaker Tyler emphasized.

He also said that this is the kind of leadership that is not emotional, not desperate and not ready to plunge society into crisis.

“Liberians need this kind of leadership in institutions, in political organizations, and in governance.’

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