Liberian Cabinet Reviews Economic Outlook, Endorses Measures

The Cabinet has scrupulously reviewed the economic outlook of the country and endorsed a number of measures to ensure microeconomic stability.

It also unanimously endorsed the Small Business Empowerment performance report as well as the Dangote Power Supply proposal.

According to an Executive Mansion release, Cabinet reviewed the above and took the decisions during its sitting on Friday, January 15.

The Small Business Empowerment Report underscored the impressive progress being made in light of full compliance with the 25 per cent allotment to Liberian-owned businesses.

Meanwhile, the proposed 30KW Dangote power supply plant is intended to

complement the building of a cement factory.

The factory will utilize 15KW while the remaining 15KW would be used for both industrial and private purposes at affordable per kilowatts hour.

In a related development, the Executive Director of the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission, Mr. Dorbor Jallah, has commended Liberian-owned businesses for increasingly acting in compliance with the Commission’s regulations.


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