LIBERIA: Defense Lawyers Accused Prosecutors Of Creating ‘Ghost’ To Face Parker

{By Winston W. Parley}

Defense counsels for indicted former National Port Authority Managing Director Matilda W. Parker and Comptroller Christina Kpabar-Paelay have accused prosecutors in open court of allegedly creating "Ghost Deneah Flomo" and recruiting an insurance company as co-conspirator "to maliciously destroy" their clients.

In reaction to the prosecution's request to the court to nolle prosequi defendant Flomo, the defense argued yesterday, 7 January that … in the spirit of conspiracy designed all along … the "Ghost Deneah Flomo" has never been arrested by the prosecution since he was the creation of the prosecution from the onset of the investigation.

But the prosecutors sharply rejected the claim by the defense team as untrue, urging the counsels to allow their witnesses to say what they know rather than to suggest that Mr. Deneah Martin Flomo is ghost.

Earlier on Tuesday, 5 January, the defense team repeatedly questioned state witness D. Blamo Kofa whether he called a meeting which is called "confrontation" between Flomo and Parker and Paelay during the investigation.

But witness Blamo said confrontation was an old approach, saying the returned checks and photos of the ID of the returned checks pointed to Flomo. After the prosecution's request filed with Presiding Criminal Court "C" Judge A. Blamo Dixon to nolle prosequi co-defendant Flomo, the court on Thursday, 7 January granted the request which will now enable Mr. Flomo to serve as state witness in the case he had been jointly indicted, along with Ms. Parker and Ms. Paelay.

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