New Vision Newspaper Turns 12 On Tuesday, As Management Pays Homage to Several Persons

The Management of the NEW VISION Newspaper reiterates its commitment and demonstrated objectives to remain unbiased, objective and balanced in the exercise of its reportage duties to serve the greater Liberian society and the world with diligent and commitment.
The paper which was founded during the heat of the Liberian civil war came-about as a result of an informative and venerated Undergraduate Thesis of Josephus Moses Gray under the topic: the New Paradigm of Print Media in Liberia: Mr. Gray, the former Publisher and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of  the NEW VISION, served as the paper’s first Managing Editor and Editorial Consultant, the positions he professionally and devotedly performed for several years before  being appointed in 2006 to a junior ministerial post in government.
Prior to the establishment of the NEW VISION, Mr. Gray worked with The INQUIRER Newspaper for twelve (12) unbroken years from 1992 to 2003 in various capacities from the position of a cub reporter to foreign news editor before quitting to advance into other challenges. As he salutes with the warmest sense of belonging during those useful and resourceful years imbued with fond memory, he remains grateful always to The INQUIRER Management.
The NEW VISION Newspaper on Tuesday, November 23, 2004 made its debut on the newsstand with the expression of its commitment to serve prudently within the media community of Liberia. The paper started as a free newspaper on the newsstand and distributed nationwide to afford the financially-troubled populations of unfolding happenings as the nation was emerging from long years of a devastated war. After one year, the paper moved from free circulation to regular sale  and for 12 years now, the NEW VISION remains active on the newsstand.
From Tuesday, November 23, 2004 to Tuesday, November 23, 2015, the NEW VISION has put on the newsstand about 1.5 million copies while the paper has maintained its 116th Carey Street office which it has been occupying for the past 12 years.
The paper has survived all odds, weathered the storm and still remains persistent on the newsstand, with numerous achievements including being the first to dedicate its back cover page to sports, help to expose societal ills, corruption, abuses, human right violations and financial improprieties. The paper has also introduced the annual critique of senior cabinet ministers and heads of other agencies of government and unearthed dozen of malpractices in both public and private sectors.

Meanwhile, the NEW VISION Newspaper is graciously pleased and professionally humbled in paying homage to its current and former reporters, editors and production teams. Their contributions shall forever be cherished and respectfully unforgotten because of commitment, dedication and professionalism tirelessly demonstrated. All of these former hardworking and principled minded editors have ventured into other disciplines and professions where they are making immense contributions while others have departed this world.(For the departed professionals, we pause to observe a moment of silence).
They are Josephus Moses Gray, Moses Zangar, Jr; Saywer Doe (Late), Emmanuel Nah (Late), Ekina Wesley, Bill Jarkloh, Emmanuel Mondaye, Emmanuel Monyennue, James Kpangoi, Robert Jadoe, Alex Karvozonh, D. Raymond Kloteah,  Manjoe, Kenneth Breswer  and Production Assistant  Koffa Nimely as well as other former freelancers.
The paper’s management also remains grateful to the following hardworking staffers including Tarnue Wowee-a professional layout editor and dedicated staff who continues to demonstrated professionalism and remains committed to his assigned duties; the management also recognized the valuable services of Moses Wantu, Pewee, Sylvester Wowee and Koffa Martin.
There are others whose names the paper’s management has decided not to mention especially three members of the late Abraham Gray’s family whose immense contributions have progressively, productively and positively impacted and continue to brighten the NEW VISION profoundly.
 The management also recognizes the contributions of all vendors, printing houses, reading audience and all individuals, including its business partners and customers, institutions and organizations that continue to do business with the NEW VISION Newspaper.
The NEW VISION Management re-emphasizes that it remains most grateful to its former publisher and chief executive officer, Mr. Josephus Moses Gray who the management described as an illustrious, enterprising and balanced-minded glowing example of the institution worth emulating.

According to the paper’s Management, all these former and current editors and staffs have demonstrated commitment, dedication and handwork punctuated by great sacrifices and work within the established objectives of the institution, most often, under stress but tension and coming out successfully.

Meanwhile, the Management of the NEW VISION Newspaper in May this year with immediate effect dismissed its Business and Finance Officer, Mr. Fuflay Nyenkan for corrupt practices and financial improprieties .

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