Liberia Rising 2030 – Let’s walk with Meaningful Legs!

Walking is a natural sport but, to become a successful winner requires patience, honesty, hard work and perseverance, respect for the rule of Law, obedience to parents, associable, creativeness, maturity, ingenuity, nationalism and patriotism. Let’s walk with meaningful legs and stop feeling angry or resentful toward a person who had done something hurtful or wrong to you.    

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will bring additional transformation in the life of every well-meaning Liberian across the country.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs and be optimistic, because it is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hard work, tolerance, perseverance and respect for authority.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will enable Liberians both at home and abroad to develop lively, enquiring minds, to question and argue rationally about Liberia’s prospect for now and the future.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will continually shift our destiny from the glossary of mere aspiration to a thrill of socio, economic and political achievements. Let’s walk with meaningful legs and our quest for National reformation and renewal will be reflected in our daily lives as we work collectively with  President Sirleaf to rebuild a vibrant nation under God’s commend.

Let’s walk with Meaningful legs that restore our Cultural heritage where every Liberian parent will once again become the parent of every Liberian child, with the right mind to instill discipline but with, love and care.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs to avoid the Civil War that killed over 200,000 Liberians and eventually led to the involvement of the Economic Community of West African States and the United Nations Mission in Liberia.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will provide more free education for our children, school buses, laboratories, lights, and computers and avoid conspicuous consumption; decentralized education in the country; reduced monopolies, more carefully screen investment packages.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will improve additional teachers’ welfare, uplift street children,  finance vocational and technical institutions; provide more safe drinking water and electricity for all Liberian irrespective of color, tribe, religion as demonstrated by Madam President.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs as we continue to develop and put into place more good programs that will ensure the effective and efficient management of our land and natural resources as well as the protection of the environment.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will continually accentuate and accelerate increase agricultural productivity by increasing mechanization, strengthening research, extension services and training, agricultural credit, and marketing and introducing innovation technologies that would allow for increased productivity with minimum cost to producer and minimum strain on ecology.
Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will continue to enhance a process by which all Liberians can join hands together and sing “All Hail, Liberia Hail, this glorious Land of Liberty shall long be ours, free from all forms of rudeness, arrogance, intimidations, suppression, harassment, corruption, indignation; the kind of Liberia we envisage for ourselves and children.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs by ensuring a renaissance on emphasis of buttressing government’s honest effort regarding Liberia’s development initiatives.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs that will buttress government’s candid efforts in demonstration of sound fiscal management by prioritizing and streamlining public expenditures, broadening the tax base, strengthening tax administration.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs; the three Branches of Government in their respective dispensations of power and political authority recognize that good democratic governance at all levels and in all spheres of national life are the primary objective and goals of the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary branches of government. Liberians are proud of your vision that is credible, and responsive to the prioritized needs and aspirations of the people, consistent with a free enterprise society coupled with freedom of the press.

Let’s walk with meaningful legs so when the pages of history are written in plain lines, men and women, boys and girls, old and young of respectability will read not with any sense of disappointment or repugnance but with deep sense of renaissance, appreciation and gratitude to Madam President and the UP-led government for lifting Liberia and Liberians. Today, Liberians have rolled out their drums and shaken the dust of their legs and adjourned in their brightest clothes to celebrate a decade of uninterrupted peace which coincides with the celebration of Liberia’s 168th Independence Anniversary of the first Black Republic.

Let’s continues to walk with meaningful legs and stop being destructive in our criticisms, sycophantic, opportunistic and proffer good option as citizens with duties and responsibility to Liberia. Remember, “He who walks with virtue, never walks in fear and discouragement but with love and tolerance as demonstrated by Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia”  Long live Madam President, Long live Liberia.

Written by: Abel Plackie

Deputy Presidential Press Secretary

Cell # 0886-844531


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