Liberian Government Implementing 64% of 207 TRC Recommendations

The Government of Liberia has clarified that contrary to public perception, it is implementing 64 percent of the 207 recommendations made by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

The Executive Director of the Liberia Peace Building Office, Wilfred Gray Johnson, made the disclosure Tuesday at the regular Ministry of Information press briefing in Monrovia.

Johnson also disclosed that government has succeeded in implementing 90 percent of 142 of the commission’s recommendations that are achievable in the short to medium terms.

He wants citizens to stop playing politics with issues relative to implementation of the TRC report and recommendations.

Johnson noted that while successes are being scored in the process, there are challenges, and cited the 30-year ban for 49 of the 139 persons captured by the report as individuals bearing greater responsibility for the civil war.

He also cited the creation of a Law Reform Commission, youth and women
empowerment, rewriting of the national history, national symbols, constitution review commission and many others as part of the implementation of the TRC recommendation.

Johnson said nearly a year after submission of the TRC recommendations, government requested a formal engagement with the UN Peace Building Commission (UNPBC) in 2010, leading to the adoption of a statement of mutual commitment (SMC) between the two parties on 16 November the same year.

He said the SMC obligated government to meet 26 commitments and 74 targets over a five-year period with focus on the strengthening of the rule of law, security sector reform and promoting national reconciliation, all of which are part of the TRC’s 207 recommendations.

He wondered why Liberians who are reading the TRC report and recommendations will champion a campaign intended to make citizens believe that government is not doing much in implementing the recommendations.

The TRC submitted its final report in June 2009, advancing 207 recommendations for implementation.

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