Liberian Court Sets 2 Murder Suspects Free

Two defendants jailed at the Monrovia Central Prison for allegedly murdering a police officer in 2010 have been set free by the Criminal Court “A” Presiding Judge Blamo Dixon following a not guilty verdict by the jury.

Judge Dixon said he set Aaron Lackey and Nicholas Wleh free Monday in his final judgment for lack of evidence.

The two were arrested and charged with murder for the death of Chief Inspector Amos Tutu of the Liberia National Police on March 3, 2010.

The third suspect, who was also arrested and charged with the murder of the police officer, Kwame Akakpo , died in jail in 2012 following a protracted illness.

Handing down the final judgment Monday, Judge Dixon said his ruling is based upon the jury’s unanimous ‘not guilty’ verdict in favor of the defendants.

Judge Dixon said the verdict from the jury was based on lack of evidence against the defendants following a free, fair, and transparent trial, adding that the judgment is also based upon careful consideration of all evidence adduced during the trial.

According to the indictment, the defendants did criminally, illegally and intentionally restrain the movement of Tutu, and set him ablaze.

During the trial the suspects denied being part of the incident that took place that night on Capitol By-Pass in Monrovia.

Meanwhile, Judge Dixon has ordered the Clerk of Court to prepare clearances in favor of the two defendants, placing them in the hand of the Sheriff to be served on the prison authority with immediate effect.

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