Woman Pretending to Be a Man Is Charged with Sexual Assault

By Afarin Majidi

Gayle Newland is alleged to have pretended to be a man in order to befriend and seduce a female victim who remains anonymous. The 25-year-old Newland posed for Facebook in a disguise and with a fake name, “Kye Fortune.” She eventually succeeded in making the alleged victim her girlfriend. They had sex in various hotels, during which Newland blindfolded the woman and used a prosthetic penis, allegedly without the other woman’s knowledge that it was not a real penis.

Newland taped down her chest and wore a hat and swimsuit to disguise her appearance during sex. She told the woman that the bandages around ‘his’ chest were securing a heart monitor. She also told the woman ‘he’ was self-conscious about ‘his’ appearance after hospital treatment. This seems to be the main reason the woman agreed to being blindfolded. During their telephone conversations, Kye said he had a high-pitched voice as a result of his Filipino heritage.

The two women, both students at the University of Chester, became friends at around the same time the alleged victim met Kye. However, the woman who brought charges against Newland says she had no idea they were the same person.

The prosecution claims that “at no time did the woman consent to sex with the use of a prosthetic” and therefore “the defendant sexually assaulted” her.

The last time the alleged victim met ‘Kye’ at her home on June 30, the couple had sex again but this time the alleged victim became suspicious and removed her blindfold. This, she says, is the first time she knew it was Newland and that she’d been having sex with a woman.

Newland denies the five counts of sexual assault which are alleged to have taken place between February and June, 2013. Her attorney says both women were aware that Newland was Kye and they were playing a sort of sexual fantasy game.

The alleged victim vehemently denies having any idea that Kye was Newland. She said in court that ‘Kye’s’ behaviour had been ‘strange’ and made her feel insecure, which is why she was okay to wear a blindfold during sex (Yes, she gave different reasons for wearing them.). It was this last time they were together that she felt something was off and so she took off her blindfold and recognized Newland for the first time.

    “I had no reason to believe this person wasn’t who they said they were,” the victim said in court. “I genuinely believe that if I didn’t find out that day, this would still be going on now. I’m still in shock now that I allowed myself to go through it. Coincidences keep flashing in front of me, like how Gayle and Kye shared the same birthday.”

The victim claims she would rather have been raped by a man than have experienced Newland’s alleged attack, saying she “doesn’t go for girls.”

“People get raped by males and it sounds sick but I think I’d prefer it,” she said. “I just think of all the stuff I let her do to me, like foreplay, and it makes me feel sick.’

The trial is still ongoing in Chester, England.

Do you believe Newland, who claims they were both aware of her gender, or do you believe the alleged victim, who says she truly believed Newland was a man and had no idea ‘he’ was the same person she knew from school? READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON 'FIRST TO KNOW'

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