Kerry Pushes for Public Support of Iran Nuclear Deal

STATE DEPARTMENT— Secretary of State John Kerry is appealing to the American public to support the Iran nuclear deal. “I believe, based on a lifetime’s experience, that the Iran nuclear agreement is a hugely positive step,” Kerry said in a speech Wednesday to a group that included religious organizations and students in Philadelphia.

In Washington, Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski announced she would back the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), becoming the 34th Senator to do so.
Her nod of approval Tuesday is significant because it gives President Obama the margin needed to sustain a veto against any resolution opposing the deal. Democrats in the House of Representatives say they also will have enough votes to block any attempt to overturn a presidential veto.

A White House spokesman said the administration is "encouraged" by the latest tally of senators who say they will support the nuclear deal. "When the stakes are this high, every vote is important," said Josh Earnest. READ MORE OF THIS STORY ON VOA NEWS WEBSITE

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