As NPA Rocks In Corruption, GNN Liberia Uses FOI Act To Obtain How Finances Are Been Used

The management of the Global News Network incorporated has written the management of the National Port Authority (NPA) requesting that entity to release to it basis information according to the Freedom of Information Act of how the management of the NPA is carrying out its activities.

In its communication to the NPA management, the GNN said we write to invoke our right to inquire on some basis information about the National Port Authority under the Freedom Of Information (FOI) Act.

Noting the below, the GNN said:

1.    It the National Port Authority (NPA) a Civil Service Agency?

2.    What does the Act of the NPA says about the hiring of the Deputy Managing Directors and the Comptroller? Meaning, who has the responsibility to make the hiring. Please furnish us a copy of said law.

3.    The Darious Dillon Intellectual Forum (DDIF) Face Book Page posted on July 31, 2015, that the NPA which you head as Acting Managing Director spent US$300,000 to renovate Greenville Port, you care to mention to this news outlet what period and time did these renovations occur? Kindly provide us with a list of renovation made, copies of the PPCC approval, and Board resolution for said renovation.

4.     The DDIF also posted on its Face Book that you constructed a Guest House within the port. What are the ISPS Law surrounding people living in the port? Why was the Greenville Port Manager asked to move out of the Port?
5.    What was the total expenditure for the NPA from May 1 – July 31, 2015? And what was     the total revenue for NPA from May 1 – July 31, 2015?

6.    Our source at the APM Terminal informed us that you approved to buy some lights for navigation. Kindly provide us with the associated Board Resolution for this transaction, and the financial impact.

7.    Our source at the International Law Group (ILG) has also informed us that in May of this year (2015) you signed an updated agreement with Dangote Cement. Please provide us with some information on said Agreement, and the difference the other two Agreements earlier signed by Dangote.



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