Ellen Rescues Liberian Journalist Who Suffers From ‘Elephantiasis’

A Liberian journalist who has been  suffering from ‘Elephantiasis’ in the southeastern county of Sinoe for years was recently aided by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to go to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia for an urgent treatment.

Patrick Bolue, 30, is the Acting Station Manager of the Voice of Sinoe, a major community radio station operating in that part of the country.

President Sirleaf has committed to ensuring that he is cured of the disease. He has meanwhile been transported to Monrovia by the President and taken to the JFK

Elephantiasis – is an inflammation of the foot which he has endured over the years. It is a disfiguring illness causing swelling in the foot, and in which parasitic worms, usually found in swamps, obstruct the lymphatic system, thereby causing enlargement of parts of the body, specifically the legs and scrotum (private part), and hardening of the surrounding skin. According to medical experts, the illness is transmitted by mosquitoes too, as with malaria.

He said he has been going through lots of pains over the years as a result of this illness, and further expressed gratitude to the Liberian leader for coming to his rescue.

And because of the assistance from the President, the celebration of Liberia 168th Independence Anniversary in the Southeast, specifically Sinoe and Grand Kru counties might have been of more benefit and importance than the usual fanfares and pageantries that traditionally accompany the event.

This is because he was afforded an opportunity by President Sirleaf to be treated at JFK for his ailing condition that he has suffered over a decade.

According to medical sources at the hospital, Bolue will go through the initial treatment for a year, on a three month installment basis (meaning, he will have to come down to Monrovia), after which the next course of action would be carried out.

Journalist Bolue has appreciated President Sirleaf, adding, “I am very gratified to say thanks to the President for being so kind to me. For the past decade, I have been suffering from this illness, swollen leg which is caused by a worm.

He lauded the President for affording him the opportunity to receive treatment that will relieve him of shame and trauma, which he has endured for such a long time, as a result of his condition.

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