PYJ Hunted As Int’l War Crimes Investigators Arrive In Monrovia – Hot Pepper Releases More On How He Murdered Gray Allison And Wife

According to the Hot Pepper newspaper quoting reliable sources, International War Crimes Investigators (IWCI) on Liberia, based in the United States, arrived in the country some days ago, according to what the Hot Pepper had published, and will commence their investigation with the murder of Mrs. Angeline Watta Johnson-Allison, wife of former Defense Minister, Gray D. Allison, allegedly by Prince Y. Johnson; writes Jah H. Johnson.     

Once upon a time, there existed a very powerful defense minister during the regime of President Samuel K. Doe. Most credited the minister for the might of the ex-President and the President's ability to overcome his enemies in the form of so many coups d'etat which were plotted against him during his regime. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) once described the former minister as the most powerful defense minister on the continent of Africa. To his foes, he was an evil man, but his admirers would characterize him as a disciplined soldier and one who was committed to the call of duty. The man Major General Gray D. Alison.

During the 1980s, when it came to governance in the Republic of Liberia, no doubt the names of Samuel Kanyan Doe and Gray Dio Allison were the only two that dominated the scenes. The only difference between Doe and Allison was that Doe was the President and Allison his subordinate, the Defense Minister.

Security experts believe that if Gray D., as he was affectionately called, was Defense Minister at the time of the civil war the National Patriotic Front (NPFL) would not have had it so easy with the nation's military, the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). Gray D. was a discipline soldier who wasted no time in bringing his men in line when they stepped out of line. When he was Defense Minister, the military was in hand.

The General was married to the former Commissioner of the Township of Caldwell, Mrs. Angeline Watta Johnson-Allison. Mrs. Allison was the mother of Mr. Max Dennis, former special assistant to former Justice Minister, Christiana Tah, and former Minister of Youth and Sports under President Charles Taylor. Perhaps, due to the Major General’s stern disciplinary oversight of the military, it may appear that some men in uniform abhorred his style and would choose to one day even-up with him.        

From experience, politics in Africa dictates that the President, Head of State, King, Prime Minister or whatever, is supreme. Nothing or nobody, who serves in the government, should ever be seen as being more popular, influential or powerful than the leader. This would be the beginning of the person’s fall. That was the case with Defense Minister, Maj. Gen. Gray Dio Allison.  

Gray D. and President Doe were friends. According to information from confidants in the Doe government, the former President even slept, sometimes, at the home of Gray D. in Caldwell to evade his enemies. It was in 1989 that the body of little-known Melvin Pyne was found with parts extracted for ritualistic purpose. Some still harbor the belief, in this 21th century, that the body parts of a human being have power, and that power can be harnessed for one's advantage.

Africa's most powerful Defense Minister and his wife, Mrs. Watta Allison, were accused of the murder. The reason was Gray D. wanted to dethrone his friend, Sammy Doe, and become President, and Watta, First Lady, using the human parts to assist them. Maybe the only Liberians who believed this fairy tale were Doe's tribesmen, the Krahns. The Major General was tried in a kangaroo tribunal at the Barclay Training Center (BTC) and his wife Watta at the Temple of Justice. Both were found guilty and Gray D. was sentenced to death and Watta life imprisonment.

Gray D. was to serve his term at the maximum, notorious Belle Yalla prison, Lofa County. When the NPFL overran Lofa County, according to Mr. Max Dennis, son of Mrs. Watta Allison, the Major General was executed by a renegade faction of the NPFL. Mr. Dennis said Charles Taylor told him that the first group that released Gray D. from Belle Yalla was ordered to escort him to Gbarnga to Taylor. “Taylor told me he wanted to use the expertise of the General in the war against Doe,” Mr. Dennis said. The first NPFL group was soon overpowered by a renegade group and took Gray D. to Voinjama and killed him there.

When Prince Johnson's Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) seized Caldwell from the AFL, Mrs. Watta Allison was taken into custody by Johnson. At that time, Mrs. Allison was at her Caldwell home after being released by the government. According to her son, Mr. Dennis, Prince Johnson hastily put together a court to try Mrs. Allison for the murder of Melvin Pyne.       

During the kangaroo trial, on a video posted on Youtube by the International War Crimes Investigators (IWCI), Prince Johnson is seen slapping Mrs. Allison so hard that her glasses fell off her face. The IWCI wonder what would the reaction of the Liberian women and population be when they see their lawmaker, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, torturing a Liberian mother.

Mrs. Angeline Watta Johnson-Allison was found guilty by Prince Johnson and he ordered her immediate execution. According to her son, Max Dennis, she was executed and her body dumped in the St. Paul River.

A former fighter of the defunct INPFL told the Hot Pepper that Mrs. Allison was executed by a female fighter, Alice Nuleh, nom de guerre, “Two For Five”. The source said that when the Caldwell base of the INPFL was overrun by the NPFL during Operation Octopus in October 1992, “Two For Five” joined the NPFL of Charles Taylor, where she served until the departure of Taylor in 2003. Alice, he said, used to live on Du-Port Road on the J.C.N. Howard side, in the neighborhood of the Tubman Methodist Church.

Hot Pepper sources say that the IWCI will interview the son of Mrs. Allison, Mr. Max N. Dennis, as a buildup to the case against Senator Prince Y. Johnson. The murder of Mrs. Allison was a war crime, and those responsible should be made to account, they said.

From this latest information, it may be that the indictment of Field Marshall, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, may be sooner than later, pundits believe. It is believed that the International Investigators after compiling their final investigative report, with evidence pointing toward a sitting Liberian Senator for multiple murder associated with him as a warlord, the reality seems to be putting Prince Johnson’s own prophecy against himself. “If you want peace in Liberia, get rid of me, Amos Sawyer, Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,” Prince Johnson is normally heard saying.  

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