LIBERIA: Six Police Officers indicted for Manslaughter

Six officers believed to be from the Police Support Unit (PSU) have been indicted for manslaughter.

Officers David Kennedy, Julius Mayer, Edward Hoff, Otis Ross, Rudolph Clinton and Wilbur Weowon were accused for beating a civilian man to at the ELWA Junction leading to his death.

Criminal Court 'A' Tuesday issued a writ of arrest for the six officers, informing the Police Inspector General Chris Massaquio to turn over the accused men for prosecution.

According to a two-page indictment on September 27, 2014 while on duty to protect life and property at the ELWA Junction, they allegedly took sticks, planks and baton and beat on the man.

As a result of the officers' action the man fell to the ground, collapsed, become unconscious, bled profusely and later died.

The death of a man sparked civil disobedience in October 2014 at the ELWA Junction, where some police stations were vandalized and several arrests made.

Marketers set up roadblocks similar to the barricade, paralyzing pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area.

The deceased man, according to some marketers, was a driver and had come in contact with the six police officers early on the morning of October 9, 2014.

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