Liberian Orphans At Risk Of Exploitation, Prostitution – Report

Orphans in Liberia remain susceptible to exploitation and prostitution, says the 2014 U.S Department of State Country Report on Human Rights.

The report stated that despite international and government attempts to reunite some street children, former combatants and internally displaced children who were separated from their families during the civil war, many continue to live on the streets of Monrovia.

Many unofficial orphanages also serve as transit points or informal group homes for children, some of whom had living parents who had given them up for possible adoption, the report noted.

It said orphanages had difficulty in providing basic sanitation, adequate medical care and sufficient nutrition, relying primarily on private donations and support from international organizations such as the UN Children’s Fund and the World Food program, which provide food and care throughout the year.

“Some groups under the guise of an orphanage brought children from rural areas with a promise to provide them education and then generated income by selling the children to households in the Monrovia area,” the report pointed out.

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