Liberian Leader Urges Firestone To Uphold Decent Work Bill

The Management of Firestone Natural Rubber Company has been urged to adhere to the Decent Work Bill recently signed into law.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf signed into law the Decent Work Bill on June 26, 2015 as recently passed by both Houses of the National Legislature.
According to the Bill, unskilled workers will be paid the minimum wage of US$3.50 per day while skilled workers will receive US$5.50 per day.
Since 1976, the minimum wage in Liberia has been at US$2.00, something that has triggered series of concerns and public out cries within the Labor Sector.
At the signing ceremony, President emphasized that “the scrupulous enforcement of laws and policies is most times a challenge even with very good laws.”
According to her, “all of us, including senior officials, institutions, organizations, workers and Liberians themselves have to play their part and support fully the implementation of this long-awaited Decent Work Bill for the good of the country.”
The Liberian leader expressed her belief that the Firestone Natural Rubber Company will encourage small farmers so that there can be no fluctuation in the price of rubber on the local market.
An Executive Mansion release revealed that the Liberian leader was speaking following a tour of the Hevea Wood Operation Factory situated at Division No. 16 on Wednesday, July 1.
The visit there was to acquaint herself with activities at the Firestone Company in lower Margibi County.
In 1926, the company opened one of the world's biggest rubber plantations in Liberia, West Africa, spanning more than 1 million acres.

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