4 U.S. Science Students Lecture Liberian Students In Science, Mathematics, As Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor Expresses Gratitude

Students of three schools were on Monday, June 22, 2015 excited when their American colleagues academically lectured them in both science and mathematics in their various classes.

The schools covered by the Hunter College High School 12th graders were Liberia's three pretigious high schools, the College of West Africa (CWA), the St. Theresa Convent High School and the B. W, Harris High School.

The four students, Alison Zhao, Michelle Chan, Amy Pan, and Edward Zhou who arrived in the country last week with their sponsor, Mr. Asumana Jabateh Randolph who has always been on the front-line abroad to help in upgrading the Liberian educational system, were also pleased to interact with their Liberian academic colleagues.

The students and their sponsor are in the country under the I-Help Liberia Project to help jump-start the Liberian educational system which had once again received a heavy blow from the Ebola epidemic, Liberian educational authority has also realized the numerous contributions been made by Mr. Randolph over the years to help strengthen the country educational system.

A meeting with officials at  the country's Ministry of Education, Mr. Randolph explained the objective of his latest arrival in Liberia with his students, noting his concern has always been to help contribute  his quota in strengthening the country's educational system through science and mathematics.

In response, the Education Ministry officials paid a special tribute to Mr. Randolph and the I – Help Liberia Project team for their interest in helping to improving the country educational system,, and promised to do everything in fostering the already cordial relationship existing between Mr. Randolph and his team.

In a related development, Mr. Randolph and his students paid Monday, yesterday paid a curtesy call of Liberia's Chief Justice, His Honor Francis Korkpor at his Temple of Justice office.

The Liberian Chief Justice thanked Mr. Randolph for his initiative to aid Liberian schools with improved educational technology, and welcomed the American students in his office.

He made specific reference of the level of support over the years by the I – Help Liberia Project based in the United States in aiding Liberian schools with science and mathematics teching method, and prayed that this effort on the part of Mr. Randolph will remain unhindered.

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