UN-Habitat Pledges Support To Land Authority

UN-Habitat Liberia has promised continued support to the Land Commission (LC) as it transitions to the Land Authority of Liberia.
According to the head of office of UN-Habitat Liberia, Antony Lamba, his institution’s commitment to the LC is indicative of six years of cordial collaboration between the two institutions.
He added that UN-Habitat will also lend diverse support to urban governance in support of local authorities and the Urban Affairs Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
He noted in a recent interview with the Liberia News Agency that as the tenure of the Land Commission expires on January 9 next year, it will be worthy to lend support to the new authority as it takes over the administration of land in the country.
Meanwhile, an official of the Land Commission has assured that it is making progress in standardizing land issues in Liberia.
Senior Program Officer Stanley N. Toe said standardizing traditional practices such as mediation will help alleviate multiple challenges in the country’s land sector.
The Land Commission was established in August 2009 to advocate for and coordinate reforms of land policy, laws and programs in Liberia, but does not have adjudicatory or implementation powers.
Its primary objectives are to promote equitable and productive access to the nation's land, both public and private; promote security of tenure in land and the rule of law with respect to landholding and dealings in land.
The commission is also mandated to promote effective land administration and management and promote investment in and development of the nation's land resource.

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