UP Counts Residual 18 More Months, Who Wears the Shoes for Liberia – BY Joel Cholo Brooks

Mathematically, the Unity Party of Africa’s first female President has less then 19th months to administer the affairs of the Liberian Government for another tenure to begin.

As politicians gather their political weapons to replace the outgoing Government in 2017, uncertainty as to who becomes Liberia’s next leader has overwhelmed the nation’s voting population.
Already the political playing field is bulging with over two dozens of would be presidential hopefuls queuing under the guise that they are the best and should be considered as Liberia’s next leaders.

For ordinary Liberians their political expedition seems bleak, pondering over as to who will be capable to rescue Liberia for the shackle of poverty and other vices that have over the years eaten up the fabric of Liberia, Africa’s oldest independence nation.

Quietly looking forward to see that person for the Executive Mansion, the presidency, Liberians are again on their various puzzle tables to select the right tile (Leaders) who will fearlessly rescue their nation from these dangerous vices; the systematic state of corruption, nepotism, greed, incompetence and tribalism that continue to set the country backward.  

Already the Headquarter of the National Elections Commission (NEC), the institution clothed with the authority to conduct election in the country has begun putting in place all formalities as the much talk about 2017 general and presidential elections draw closer.

Liberians should now be ready to choose amongst the bad and good apples, and should not be adamant in their selection or be moved by the winds of CASH and material things, but instead make their decision for the betterment of their nation and its youthful population.
The million dollars question that flips the lips is “Who Wares the Political Shoes of Liberia” as 2017 draws nearer.

Liberians should beware as 2017 presidential and general elections draw closer, their eyes should also be opened in the selection of their preferred choice for our nation; they are once more coming to talk big. Open Your Eyes Liberians.


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