LIBERIA: VP Boakai Agrees To Contest 2017 Presidential Election, But His Critics See Him On The ‘Wrong Side’

Latest report emanating from Foya, Lofa County, says Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has finally accepted a petition from the citizens in the area to contest the 2017 presidential elections.

In their petition, the citizens told their kinsman, Vice President Boakai that he is the best option for the people of Liberia during the 2017 election to contest the pending 20171 election to contest.

The Lofa citizens in their numbers during the presentation of the petition said they are indeed prepared to support him become President of Liberia.

In remarks to the citizens’ quest, Vice President Boakai, said as a leader one cannot refuse the call of his people, and as such he has accepted their petition to contest.

But here in Monrovia, major radio stations call-in-program featured callers on this latest acceptance by the Liberian Vice President to contest the presidency come 2017.

The callers were divided, as some of them welcomed the decision of the Vice President to contest the presidency, saying he will do better when elected to the nation’s highest office as the head.

While others who spoke on the show said the Vice President’s decision to contest is not timely, stressing that the UP led Government which he serves as Vice President has failed the Liberian people. Making specific  reference of the growing wave of corruption in the country.

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