LIBERIA: To Appoint Ambassador To Saudi Arabia, Confusion Overwhelms Muslim Community

What seems to be a serious confusion in the Liberian Muslim community for the appointment of a Liberian Diplomat to Saudi Arabia has taken root with one of the applicants being sidelined over another kinsman who was on an assignment in Egypt with the same portfolio, and at the moment in Senegal.

Speaking to this outlet, a source closed to the Liberian Muslim Community, said some leading Muslim leaders have resolved to endorse the appointment of one of their kinsmen who was appointed to Egypt as Liberia Ambassador, and currently in Senegal as Ambassador to serve in said capacity in Saudi Arabia.

Our source further hunted that while President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is waiting the endorsement of a candidate for the Ambassadorial post in that country (Saudi Arabia), one of the applicants who report is opting for the position, has reportedly informed that Country of his preferment as Ambassador.

According to our source, some senior government officials who are also members of Muslim Community have vowed to deny the other applicant (named withheld) of this opportunity, despite his cordial relationship with the Saudi citizens and his staunch contact with Royal leadership of that oil rich country.

Our source said this situation has generated serious division amongst Muslims, with others opposing the nomination of the current Liberian Ambassador to Senegal to be appointed as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, saying said individual was one of the problems that led to what is called a diplomatic fiasco in that country.

Many of the Muslims who spoke to our reporter decried the action on the part of some of the Muslims, the describing themselves as ‘stakeholders’, and doing everything possible to divide the Islamic Community of Liberia for their own personal agenda.

However, efforts by our staff to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Division of Communication for clarity on this latest development in the Liberia Diplomatic circle proved unsuccessful.
Our investigation continues.

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