LIBERIA: Rep Zarzar Suggests Way Forward In Liberia’s Education Sector

(LINA) – Sinoe County Representative Mathew Zarzar has called for proper use of monies appropriated in the National Budget for educational programs.

“Unless education authorities make proper use of their allotments, the country’s capacity-building programs will continue to suffer setbacks as growth in any country starts in the classroom,” he pointed out.

“It is in keeping with our shared responsibilities that we continue to advocate for increased appropriation for education but seeing the desired growth remains a challenge which in my opinion is in gross violation by some actors,” the House of Representatives Chairman on Education added.

He made the statement at a one-day Policy Dialogue on Liberia reaching the middle income country goal in 2030 organized by the Governance Commission (GC) at a local hotel in Monrovia.

As head of the House Committee on Education, Zarzar spoke on the role of education as the key component of all aspects of development; the economy, employment, health, peace and security, among others.

In its report, the GC cited gender disparity, lack of capacity to produce the needed workforce and the need to strengthen the education sector of the country, among others, as some of the problems facing the education sector.

Meanwhile, the House Committee Chairman on Education has promised to support education through increased budgetary allotment to the sector.

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