Is Firestone Liberia Mortifying Employees? As Reported Forceful Eviction Spells Order Of The Day?

“We were over 200 that were dismissed by the Management of Firestone Liberia, and were also forced to vacate in two weeks’ time in those tiny houses that were assigned to us as employees for what the management said ‘due financial constrain, as huge number of Malaysians are still enjoying their employment status, and making fabulous salaries despite reported financial constrain by the company,” one of the dismissed employees of the company whose identity is under our closet for security reason, in a chat with our staff tearfully said.

Speaking further to our staff, the dismissed employee of Firestone Liberia, a father of nine also explained that their children were kicked out of the company’s school system because their parents were no more in the employ of the company.

The dismissed employees also said the leadership of the worker union is yet to come to their rescue by addressing their plight, “We are now convinced that our union is now in the pockets of the management, that’s the reason why they cannot say anything about our unwanted dismissal,” the dismissed employees further noted.

Many of the dismissed employees who spoke to out reporter on their misfortune, blamed the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Labor for not seeking their interest, “Most times officials from the Ministry visit here and see what we are going through but refused to question the management why. We are disappointed in this Government for refusing to look into our situation,” another employee who claimed that he worked with Firestone for over 30 years as tapper told our reporter.

When the Ministry of Labor was contacted, an official at the ministry said they had no knowledge of what was been reported about the unwanted dismissal of Firestone Liberia Liberian employees.

During a visit during the week in Harbel, the area where the company’s is been headquartered, it was observed that many of the schools have been closed due to the same financial constrain.

Some of the dismissed employees were seen in a rather dejected situation, while many of their children who were previously in school but were dropped due to the dismissal of their parents were seen in a disheartened situation, compared to either play football in a very dusty playground.

When our reporter visited the office of the Public Relations Manager of the Company, an officer of the Plant Protection Department or PPD assigned refused to allow our reporter access to the Manager.

Investigation continues.

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