On Liberia Becoming Christian State, Christians And Muslims In “War-of-Words”

Local airwaves in Monrovia and its environs have been clutched with divert views on recent proposition 25 released at the just ended Constitutional Review Commission conference where delegates suggested that Liberia be declared a Christian State.

Liberians Muslims have expressed their opposition to Liberia becoming a Christian state, and warned that any attempt by the Liberian legislature to passing into law such proposition would lead to a ‘serious confusion’ in Liberia.

A survey conducted by the GNN over the past weeks since the end of the conference has discovered that despite of Muslims’ quest to challenge this latest proposition, some Christians have expressed their support to their Muslims colleagues, noting that it will not be feasible for the Liberian legislature to declare Liberia a Christian state.

Most of these callers on local radio stations in Liberia have vowed to resist any attempt by the country lawmakers to implement the CRC proposition 25, stressing, “Liberia has been a secular state since its formation, the Muslims and Christians have lived over the years in harmony, why now? This Country is heading for trouble, I see trouble ahead,” Amos Jacobs, a Liberia who claimed to be s staunch Christian told the GNN today in an exclusive interview.

As this debate continues, some Christian churches in Liberia have distanced themselves on this decision to making a Liberia a Christian state, cautioning their fellow compatriots of the danger ahead if the proposition is past intro law.

But for other Christians, they believed that it is about now time for the Christians to take over Liberia, noting that it is long overdue for this.

Fear has has taken over lots of Liberians who feel that trouble is ahead if this is past into law.

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