LIBERIA: GVL Trains Liberian Managers, Boost Capacity

A three-day Golden Veroleum Liberia sponsored management-training course has ended in Sinoe with over 30 company senior managers skills being sharpened. Led by facilitators from a renowned Liberian training institute, the course captured leadership, management, supervisory skills and techniques, managing performance among others as topics.Managers in attendance ranged from vice presidents to assistant managers.

Mariama Kamara, lead facilitator and trainer, stressed that staff development remains an effective system of inspiring professional improvement in any work environment. “Developing employees to perform a variety of roles also makes good business sense,” Kamara said.

She added that her team remains prepared to provide more training, if requested, aimed at building an effective and efficient management.GVL Vice President for Administration and Personal Development, V. Ramakrishna, commended the trainers and encouraged his fellow managers to advance on what they learned.“Effective and efficient management is crucial to the success of any company. One of the best ways to maintain staff and cultivate employee skills is to constantly promote professional development activities,” he said. “Encouraging professional growth crucial to employee progress because it motivates and strengthens the employee’s capacity and increases their loyalty. This is our dream and this is what GVL stands for.”

Acknowledging the training, McDonald Wlemus, manager of community affairs and social sustainability, applauded GVL for implementing the training and called on his colleagues to apply what they have learned. “We who are trained today, owe it to our over 3,600 employees,” Wlemus stressed. “Those of us who are Liberians have a duty to pass on the knowledge we have acquired; this will help also develop our careers while advancing community development, our local people and the company.”

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