African Union Welcomes the Measures to Be Instituted During the Guinea 45-Day Health Emergency

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Wednesday, 01 April 2015: The African Union Commission (AUC) supports the measures to be instituted in Guinea during the 45-day “health emergency”. The measures will serve to strengthen the capacities of the health authorities, in one of the third most affected West African country, and will include risk management, which will incorporate prevention tactics, awareness as well as recovery with the sole aim to help combat the Ebola disease.

“The Ebola pandemic has irrefutably shattered many families in west Africa, specifically in areas where operational medical infrastructure is limited. As such, there has been an increase in the attention given to the sustainable development of health facilities in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, with states leaders implementing preventative measures for their respective countries, which will see Ebola being defeated in a matter of time,” Dr. Kaloko explained.

He added that the AUC is committed to working endlessly to fortify health practices and promote the welfare of the people in the countries that are mostly affected by the virus in West Africa, thereby ensuring enhanced health security and minimal-to-no transmission of Ebola and other future health threats.

“Along with key partners, the AUC is committed to educating affected communities and the populous at large about preventative measures and the Ebola disease itself. More so, we also call upon all Africans to continue to support the #AfricaAgainstEbola campaign, which enables the deployment of health workers to the three most affected countries, with the intention to enable Africa to overcome the Ebola epidemic,” Dr. Kaloko concluded.

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