Liberian Information Minister Calls For Collective Efforts To End Ebola

Information Minister Lewis Brown is urging Liberians to maintain the spirit of oneness as the country gradually moves
toward becoming an Ebola free nation.

He said Liberians must strive to explore the windows of opportunities envisaged by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by working in the spirit of unison and patriotism.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola press conference in Monrovia Tuesday, Brown said government is committed to doing more to improve the lives of Liberians through a sustainable rebuilding process.

“Liberia is rebuilding gradually; it is getting better; we can only promise that the government will do more in building this country, and it is unfair for anyone to tell me that this country is where it used to be before,” Brown said.

Brown thinks that Liberia as a nation and people will always transcends difficulties and threatening situations such as the Ebola crisis if they approach an obstacle with singular understanding.

Minister Brown, who just returned home along with President Sirleaf after three weeks of official duties in Europe and the United States, said he remains optimistic that the President’s message to the international community will yield more gains for the people of Liberia.

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