150 Rural Women Get Farm Equipment To Improve Farming

Over 150 women from the 15 counties have received solar-powered inflatable lamps following a three-day conference for the economic empowerment of rural women in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.
The conference, under the auspices of the National Rural Women Network in Liberia, help trained women to learn to preserve crops, establish communal savings, build confidence, plan and organize structures, amongst others, according to the Liberia News Agency.
Participants made recommendations to the national government and partners which include training, setting up of processing plants and opening of more markets.
They called on the Ministry of Agriculture to pay more attention to rural women, provide vehicles for monitoring and evaluation, and give the women more financial assistance as well as expand agriculture production.
Other recommendations include introduction of new farming methods, workshops among rural women and their leaderships, and that the World Food Program (WFP) provides food-for-work.
The rural women want the national government to improve road networks, provide loan, land, buy farmers’ produce and provide farmers with fertilizers and chemicals.

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