LIBERIA: “Our Educational Mess Must Be Improved” Educator Urges

Following public criticism by Liberians on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s 2014 reservation about the Country educational system which she decried as a mess, a youthful Liberian educator has vowed to help fix the system through the establishment of a chain of educational institutions in the Country.

Speaking to our staff at his Paynesville office, the Proprietor of the David G. Barshell School System, Cee C. D. Bee Barshell, said it is disheartened for a Country like Liberia, which many considered as Africa’s oldest Republic to shoulder a messy education as described by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

He further noted that his well established school system which has grouped several academic and vocational institutions around the country have put in place measures that would help to redeem the Country’s messy educational system to a refined state.
Mr. Barshell who considered his stance taken to improving the Liberian educational system also noted that no nation can be built successfully without a sound and improved education system.

He outlined the formation of his institution which started 2009- 2010 has over 500 students many of whom are acquiring several basic disciplines, especially for those students who have passion for education.

Speaking further, Mr. Barshell said several academy institutions located at various communities in Monrovia and its environs including those in the Barnersville belt such as the Alexander Sesey School, the Living World School among others are graciously benefiting from his humanitarian financial assistance.

His current gigantic school complex in the Paynesville District which under construction when completed, will all the educational material will cost over 1.5 million United States Dollars.

At the same time the David Barshell system is currently constructing a multi-million dollars university complex in the Wehin Town, Paynesville community, when also completed will help reduce the huge students population in that part of the City craving for university education.

During the interview with our reporter, Mr. Barshell stressed the importance of education and vowed to make the difference in the sector, and also use all his resources in the growth and development of his school system.

The school system has employed trained and professional instructional staff throughout the city and it’s environ  

Speaking further, he boasted that his school can do better before the President Johnson- Sirleaf leave level of wok that he has put into for his staff.

During a tour of the campus dozens of onlookers and residents of the community where the school is situated expressed thanks and appreciation to Mr. Barshell for his farsightedness to bring a modern school complex in their community.

Currently the school which also features both academy and vocational programs has graded as one of the best in the Community.

Given the history of his dream, the youthful educator said the formation of a school in Liberia started during his stay in Ghana as a refugee with a little knowledge carpentry being supported by his aging parents.

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