Liberia Immigration Bureau Vows To Revoke ‘Fraudulent’ Naturalization Papers

The Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) has vowed to revoke alien and naturalization documents that were obtained fraudulently during the civil conflict.
Speaking during the Ministry of Information regular press conference in Monrovia Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner Peter Zaizay said it is evidently documented that many of those who naturalized during the civil crisis did not meet procedural standards as required by the naturalization law.
He mentioned the processing of naturalization documents by immigration officers as one of the breaches committed by individuals who naturalized during the war period.
He urged people who naturalized during the war era to verify their naturalization documents with the bureau.
He is also cautioning officers of the BIN to stop processing documents for aliens, noting: “You do not have the required facts and you are therefore doing more harm than good to the process.”
Meanwhile, Zaizay is warning BIN officers against posing as arresting officers as they have no arresting power and can only invite someone for questioning based on suspicion.

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