LIBERIA: Diabetes Symptoms Not Witchcraft Says Pervocate Manager

The Administrative Manager of Pervocate, a diabetes testing and awareness center located on Front Street in Monrovia has called on Liberians to be familiar with the symptoms of diabetes which is often associated to witch craft in Liberia.

Agnes Johnson made the statement during an interview at her front street offices . She said diabetes which is simply an increased of sugar level in the body has become a global health crises that is affecting about 3.3 million people in west Africa according to the World Health Organization estimate.

She said since the opening of the diabetes testing and awareness center in Liberia data collected indicates, that diabetes is becoming a major health crises in the country adding that everyone visiting the center and getting tested is either pre-diabetic or suffering from type 2 diabetes.  

She said the symptoms of diabetes are persistent thirst, frequent urination,  weight loss,  impotency, poor vision,  irritability, confusion and wound that is difficult to heal. ‘If you have any of these symptoms, get tested for diabetes' she warned.  

She said, if diabetes is not detected at an earlier stage and left untreated it leads to kidney failure, heart or cardiovascular disease a recipe for stroke or heart attack.

On the activities of the diabetes testing center, the administrative manager said the center is not just a testing center but, a resource center that is helping the diabetic needs of Liberians through testing and a comprehensive awareness initiative. ‘Let people visit the center and take advantage of the opportunities on diabetes education by renounced American diabetes specialists'.

She said diabetes which was once thought to be a disease of the developed countries, is now a disease that will be confronted by seventy five percent of the population in developing countries by this year, a revelation that she alluded to the World Health Organization.  

She disclosed that her management goal is to bring diabetes awareness to every community in Liberia and to create an environment where people that are suffering from diabetes will have access to testing meters to enable them closely monitor their sugar level.                


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