A Look At Conex Group J.V. – A Company Making the Difference in Liberia’s Economic Growth

This week we take a look at one of Liberia’s oil giants, and the brain behind its formation with the aim of helping to reduce the high rate of the country’s unemployment status through the provision of jobs to the unemployed. The Company is also constructing a modern terminal valued over 40 million United States Dollars, the first of its kind in West Africa.

Conex Group J.V. is a 100% Liberian owned entity involved in International Trade and Investments. The Group was established in 2005 and has several affiliates and subsidiaries within the following sectors: Petroleum, Agriculture Commodities such as rice and sugar, construction materials, cement, construction bars/steel rods etc, Waste Management, Real Estates, and Heavy Duty Equipment Rental.

Conex also has investment holdings in the Telecommunication sector as well as an Abattoir/slaughter house currently under construction in cooperation with Land O Lake of the United States

Conex expertise lies in the area of establishing strategic business alliances and Joint ventures. We do not attempt to recreate the wheels but rather leverage our expertise in the West African region to create strategic alliance and partnership with credible international companies

Conex Petroleum was established in 2007 by its Founder and Chairman Sheik Cherif M. Abdallah, a Liberian and a respected international business executive with tentacles in several West and North African countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and China.  

A trained economic, Dr. Sheik Cherif M. Abdallah did his undergraduate studies at the American University in Washington in the areas of Economics and International Relations.

After having completed his studies at the American University, he worked in the financial services sector of the United States in the areas of Insurance, Debt Restructuring, Advisory and Management Services.

The Sheik is also Chairman and or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the following corporate entities:  Conex Group J.V. Ltd., an international trading and investment holding company; Fouta Corporation, the largest Liberian indigenous import/export trading company; Conex Petroleum Services, Inc.; Conex Oil, Inc.; Oil Experts, Liberia Inc.; Conex REIT, a real estate investment management company; SC & G , Inc. a real estate development company; ZoomLion-Liberia, the largest waste management company in Liberia; and Conex Telecommunications Services, a provider of telecommunication services to the Government of Liberia.

Sheik Abdallah is also an Executive Member of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, the African Round Table of Business Executives, a founding member of the African Venture Capital Association and Director of several corporate entities in Guinea, Ghana, United States of America., Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

The company’s Board of Directors comprises of five (5) persons.
Cherif M. Abdallah


Cherif M. Abdallah serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  He has served on the board since 2007 and has been responsible for the overall policy and strategic management of the company.  He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Conex Petroleum Group, Inc.He is the Chairman of the following companies:  Conex Petroleum Services, Inc., Conex Telecommunications Group and Fouta Corporation. He is also an Executive Member of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and possesses several years of experience in Liberia’s trade and commerce sectors. He has represented the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and the Government of Liberia as a representative of the private sector on many state visits with the President and Vice President of Liberia.

Hamidou Gnan

Secretary/Vice Chairman

Hamidou Gnan currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Director of  Conex  Petroleum Group, Inc.. He has served as Managing Director since 2007 and has provided Financial and Strategic Management direction to Conex  over the time.

He is also General Manager of Fouta Corporation, one of Liberia’s leading importers of rice and cement on the Liberian market.  Conex and Fouta are affiliate companies. He possesses several years of experience in the area of trade/commerce and finance in West Africa, China, the U.A.E among others.

Mohammed Sow


Mohammed Sow is a member of the Board of Directors.  He has served as a Member of the Board of Conex Petroleum Services, Inc. since 2007 and is distinguish for his excellent business experience and advices needed in the day to day running of the Company. He is also President of Fouta Corporation, one of Liberia’s leading importers of rice and cement on the Liberian market.  Conex and Fouta are affiliate companies. He possesses over twenty-five (25) years of experience in Liberia’s trade and commerce sectors.  He is also a Director of S&G, an international trading Company based in Dubai, U.A.E. Other Key areas of Management are Administration, Operations and Finance.

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