LIBERIA: Senator Armah Zolu Jallah “Doing Something Better For His People”, Provides Huge Employment

A one day visit to Gbarpolu County, northwestern Liberia over the weekend by the GNN to ascertain situation surrounding the plight of the people in that part of the country, saw residents of the county, mainly women and the elderly expressing appreciation to their lawmaker for his vast interest in the infrastructural development of their County.

The residents in an interview with our staff spoke highly of the developmental initiative of Senator Armah Zolu Jallah, making specific reference of his five hundred acres of farmland in the County which has greatly helped to reduce the high level of joblessness in the County by creating job opportunities for his fellow compatriots.

A tour of the five hundred acres of farmland saw thousands of rubber trees, rice and pineapple being planted by over seven hundred men and women employed by this lawmaker;  who believes that the employment of his people must be his utmost concern.

During the tour of this huge farmland coupled with housing facilities for employees, those who spoke to our staff further expressed thanks and appreciation to their employer, Senator Armah Jallah for his high level gratitude to them over the years, noting, “Zolu has done lots for us and our children; sending them to school and providing us with jobs to help us feed our families,” one of the beneficiaries speaking to our staff said.

“Senator Jallah’s jobs provision to our people on his farm has no border, the construction of a modern 35-room hotel complex with a large conference hall in the County also providing job opportunities to our people, the establishment of a radio station – Radio Kpo 92.5 FM which also employed our young journalists, and the construction of a Department Store in Bopolu City, and has also provided several 5-KVA Generators for electricity supply in our city. We are indeed grateful to this lawmaker,” a resident of Bopolu in a chat with our reporter noted.

Apart from making sure his people are employed, and financially taken care of, the Gbarpolu County Senator who is also vying for the Pro-Tempore position at the Liberian senate has taken his kind gesture to the needy; providing clothes to women in the communities visited, and also presenting school materials to Bomboma Public School in the County donated by a U.S. based Teachers Consultant through the instrumentality of the Senator.

Speaking to our staff in the County, the Station Manager of Radio Kpo, J. Botoe McCay said residents of the County were overwhelmed of the developmental initiatives of Senator Jallah to the County and its people, noting, “Senator Jallah is appreciated by the people in this County, especially due to his kindness and his humanitarian assistance to citizens and residents” McCay speaking further said.

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