LIBERIA: Two MICAT Officials In Fist Fight, Junior Minister Takes On His Boss

Liberia’s Ministry of Information & Cultural Affairs on Capitol Hill was a scene of laughter last Thursday, January 8, 2015 when two officials of that Ministry threw insults and blows at each other following bitter arguments between the two.

The exchange of insults and blows between Minister Lewis Browne and Assistant Minister Rixck Barsigiah, according to eyewitnesses drew the attention of dozens of the Ministry’s employees and other guests who had gone to the Ministry that morning.

A source closed to the Ministry hinted the GNN that the entire episode started when Minister Browne made an appointment in the office of Assistant Minister Barsigiah  with informing he Barsigiah, this according to our source annoyed the Assistant Minister.

Our source said upon hearing the news that an appointment had been made in his (Barsigiah) office he ‘angrily approached his boss (Lewis Browne), this action according to our source irritated the Minister to replied, saying, “I am not answerable to you.”

This situation made both the throw insults at each other which, according to our source led to both to blow at each other while employees of the Ministry watched the scene with amazement.

When our reporter contacted both officials as to what gave rise to such happenings at their office, they all declined to comment on the issue.   

The Ministry of Information is noted for officials at that ministry fighting each other. Few years ago similar thing happened when the late Joe Mulbah who was then Minister got into a face fight with his then Deputy Minister, J. Milton Teajay now a Senator in the Liberian Senate for policy difference.

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