ELECTION UPDATE: Tension Erupts Grand Kru County Polling Center, Man Arrested For Secretly Taken Away Ballot Box

Police in Barclayville, Grand Kru County are said to be investigating two ladies and a gentleman believed to be staffers of the National Elections Commission (NEC) for secretly taken away a ballot box from one of the polling centers in the City to an unknown location.

This situation, according to our Correspondent in the County angered voters, mainly supporters of one of the senatorial candidates, Madam Rosaline Sneh following the arrest of the alleged culprits by police threatened to burn down the polling center.

One of the candidates, Madam Sneh is accusing some opponents of spending huge cash to those allegedly linked to the taken away of the ballot box to deny her of winning, and has meanwhile threatened to complain the National Elections Commission to the Supreme Court of Liberia, according to our Correspondent.

Our Correspondent said two of the leading candidates, Madam Rosaline Sneh of the ruling Unity Party, and Mr. Albert Chie an Independent Candidate are at each other’s throats to capture the votes of the electorates.

Investigation continues

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