LIBERIA: House Passes 50 Bills During 53rd National Legislature

The House of Representatives adjourned its 3rd Session Thursday with the passage of a total of 50 bills during the 53rd National Legislature.

Some of the bills passed are the Act Against Criminal Conveyance of Land, An Act of Legislature prescribing the National Code of Conduct for public officials and employees of government, Rural Communications and An Act to Amend the New Executive Law of 1972 to establish the Ministry of Gender and Children and Social Welfare, among others, according to the Liberia News Agency.

In remarks at the ceremony, Speaker J. Alexander Tyler said the House passed 19 of its own bills, 13 Executive bills, concurred with eight Executive bills and concurred with six Senate bills.

Speaker Tyler also indicated that during this period, the Lower House passed three resolutions and one certificate.

Meanwhile, the Speaker has disclosed that a total of 58 bills are currently in the House committee rooms with 32 of this number emanating from the lower house.

According to Tyler, the House also has 15 Senate bills and seven Executive bills as well as four petitions in committee rooms.


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