“Lets Fight Ebola, Not Each Other,” Brown Cautions Liberians

Information Minister Lewis Brown has called on Liberians to fight to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus from the country rather than fight each other.

Brown gave the advice Monday at the Ministry of Information daily Ebola briefing held in the conference room of the ministry.

The minister’s statement was in reaction to political leaders and other Liberians who are in the constant habit of unleashing insults or other invectives against members of government or fellow politicians.

According to Brown, if schools must reopen with Liberians living in a normal society with a healthy economy and the availability of jobs for more Liberians, Ebola must first be eradicated, noting, “This cannot be done when we are fighting among ourselves.”

Speaking further, Brown indicated that Liberians must collectively act together so that the country will not report new Ebola cases after December 31, adding that “if we live divided Ebola will eliminate us individually.”

Meanwhile, Brown has stated that his job as Minister of Information is to continuously provide clear, relevant and truthful information for government and the people of Liberia, indicating that it is an “erroneous” assertion on the part of some people to misinterpret his function.


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