LIBERIA: Forestry Development Authority Officials Escape Labor Court Wrath – Story By Joseph F. Charlie

What could be described as ‘embarrassment’ took place Thursday November 26, 2014 at the premises of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) in rural Paynesville when the Acting Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director for operations applied a military tactic called ‘cover-up and concealment’ to evade a writ of arrest served on them by the National Labor Court of the Temple of Justice.

The writ which was issued November 12, 2014, commanded that the Acting FDA boss Mr. Kederick F. Johnson, the Deputy for Operations Mr. Darlington S. Tuagben, the Comptroller and Deputy Comptroller and all other officials of the Authority should be arrested and taken to the court for the FDA’s indebtedness to one of its former employees Mr. Saylee Joway who was illegal dismiss several months ago.

According to informed sources, pandemonium broke out at the FDA with Mr. Johnson and Tuagben disappearing in tin-air after being informed by employees that a Sheriff from the National Labor Court was on ground to serve a writ of arrest on them and other officials. Accordingly, after fruitless attempts to locate them, the Sheriff was left with no option but to seal the main entrance gate with gigantic chain as well as place copies of the writ on the gate and vehicles belonging to the FDA.

The writ of execution also ordered the seizure and sale of lands, chattels of the FDA including vehicles until the sum of US$40,250 plus LD$975,000 is realize to settle the petition, Mr. Saylee Joway.

When contacted for reaction on Friday November 28, 2014, Mr. Kederick Johnson who is acting while his boss Mr. Harrison Karnwea is abroad, admitted that the National Labor Court has served a writ of arrest and property seizure on FDA officials and chattels but said he could not comment further as the matter was in the domain of the Justice Ministry which has statutory mandate to defend public enterprises in legal matters.

He however bragged that he will continue to report to work pending the adjudication of the matter as a narrow exist gate at the right-wing of the FDA is the only entrance available now for incoming and outgoing vehicles.

Commenting on other issues, he also admitted that the Procurement Manager of FDA Madam Oretha Tarmieh has over-stay after being granted Leave and that punitive administrative action   FDA Acting Boss Mr. Kederick F. Johnson has been instituted against her as the FDA awaits the return to job of all employees including Madam Tarmieh on December 2, 2014

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