Man Who Has 25 Kids with 15 Women Refuses to Pay Child Support

(By Ann Schulte)

He was called the “worst deadbeat dad ever” in a 2012 report by WREG, and now his story is getting even more unbelievable.

Terry Turnage, of Memphis, Tennessee, was reported to have 25 kids by 15 different mothers, and new reports suggest he now has even more children—and he’s still not paying child support.

The man is known in the Forrest City area as a club owner and promoter, who drives flashy cars and purports himself as a high-roller. He is known to carry wads of money, orders expensive bottles of alcohol, and reportedly threw himself a birthday party where more than 700 people showed up for a two-day event.

When he shows up in court however, he wears ratty and tattered old clothes and convinces the judge he is broke.

Miesha Davis claims her child is Turnage’s 24th, and filed a complaint with the Forrest City child support office in a bid to receive financial help. She told WREG the woman who helped her was the opposite of surprised when given the name of the child’s father.

“I said Terry T. Turnage. She was like, ‘he’s famous,’” Davis said. That was when she was told that her child was number 24.

Another woman—Paula Stewart— has come forward with a 2-year-old son who she asserts is Turnage’s 26th child, and says she has experienced the same treatment as the other mothers when it comes to seeking child support.

She said people are shocked that she didn’t know about Turnage’s infamous ways.

“Everybody tells me, “What you doing talking to him? How you didn’t know he had all these kids?’” said Stewart.

The women hope to warn others about Turnage’s true colors, and to try to prevent them from falling for his flashy charm.

Two other mothers reportedly received $1.26 and $6 respectively from Turnage after they demanded child support.

Turnage has been unresponsive to WREG’s requests for comments, and seems to frequently miss his court hearings.

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