UBA Liberia Ltd Donates Additional US$300,000 to the Fight against Ebola in Liberia

In the wake of the gains made in the fight against Ebola, the United Bank of Africa (UBA) Liberia Limited has made additional donation of US$300,000 to the Government of Liberia to help in its fight.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Bank’s chief executive officer (CEO) and manger of the Liberia branch said the amount being the second intervention by UBA was in further demonstration of a strong show of solidarity with the Government of Liberia. She believes progress can never be made in human and economic development if Ebola is not totally eradicated.­

Two months ago, in September 2014, the bank made an initial donation of a pick-up truck to logistically support government’s fight and promised to keep observing the situation and would make an additional donation when they found it expedient.

Madam Chioma Mang said the donation was in fulfillment of the bank’s corporate-social responsibility to Liberia as it has been doing since its establishment in Liberia more than nine years ago.

During the presentation of the symbolic check, Madam Chioma Mang reassured President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that UBA will continue to work with Liberia to ensure an Ebola free country.

The UBA Liberia CEO used the occasion to praise the Liberia leader for the able leadership role demonstrated since the outbreak which she believes led to the current gains being made in the fight. “The improvement recorded in Liberia is remarkable and we appreciate and commend your effort,” Madam Meng said.

She also informed President Sirleaf that the bank has begun offering a unique payment solution to the Government of Liberia through the Visa prepaid card which allows salaries and allowances to be uploaded in advance for Government employees thereby allowing them to access cash as they await salary disbursement.

Responding, President Sirleaf termed the donation as a reinforcement of good partnership between Liberia, the UBA and the Federal Republic of Nigeria which she further described as “long standing partnership benefiting all sides”.

She praised UBA’s strong commitment to Liberia’s recovery and assured the bank that its interventions in Liberia, especially in the Ebola fight, has had a great impact on the operation.

President Sirleaf particularly expressed delight that Liberians took ownership and leadership of the Ebola fight through the various communities with support from the partners.

She used the opportunity to remind the UBA’s top management of the post-Ebola reconstruction era as financial institutions partnering with Liberia will greatly be needed in this direction. President Sirleaf encouraged the bank and other financial institutions to begin planning for the post-Ebola economic revitalization which she said will center on agriculture and macro-finance.

The Liberian President believes that financial institutions are indispensable to the country’s growth and urged the UBA to maintain this partnership.

Madam Sirleaf asked CEO Mang to convey, on behalf of the Liberia people, great sentiments and appreciation to her counterpart, President Goodluck Jonathan, for encouraging Nigerian businesses to invest in Liberia and to the chairman of the group, Tony Elumelu, for braving the storm to invest in Liberia especially at the time when everything was broken down after years of war.

“I like to remind Mr. Elumelu through you, Madam CEO, that Liberia still awaits his visit as he once upon a time promised me. Liberia’s investment potential is great,” President Sirleaf indicated.

The Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia, H.E. Chigozie Obi- Nnadozie who accompanied the UBA Liberia CEO to the Liberian leader’s Foreign Ministry office, expressed thanks to the President for remaining steadfast during the Ebola outbreak; promising Nigeria’s solidarity with the people of Liberia in time of need.

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