LIBERIA: More Than Me Expands Work, Provides Assistance To Caldwell Ebola Quarantined Residents

Residents of the township of Caldwell, Montserrado County say they are overwhelmed with the high level of humanitarian assistance from More Than Me to dozens of their neighbors who have lost their relatives in the hands of the deadly Ebola virus.

The residents who spoke to a team of reporters, disclosed that some of the survivors of the virus are also been catered to by this American NGO, providing huge assistance including food, and other household materials to restart their lives.

One of the Ebola quarantined residents of the township, Abdulia Passaway, head of a household of 20, explained how he lost three members of his family to the virus, and lauded More Than Me for its support to his family.

“Since my family and I were quarantined in this house, no one has come to our rescue except More Than Me, which has done well for me and my entire family,” Passaway explained. He also praised More Than Me’s social workers for visiting his house on a regular basis.

“This high level of humanitarian support by More Than Me to us who have been quarantined as a result of this deadly Ebola worth commendable, we will always pray for those who made this dream of More Than Me coming to Liberia a reality,” Passaway noted, speaking to this writer with some of the surviving family members surrounding him on the back porch of his house.

He said since he and his family were quarantined for 21 days, they have now gone nine days, stressing, “Since our nightmare started; to be quarantined due to Ebola, and the death of our children, More Than Me has done extremely well, putting food on our table. We are indeed grateful to them,” Passaway said.

Another quarantined resident of the township, Madam Trivinna Gray, a mother of nine said she lost four children to the virus, “I am grateful to More Than Me for bringing us relief items including food. No group has ever done that since we were told to stay indoors,” speaking to this writer, Madam Gray perhaps in her late 50s said.

More Than Me social workers who took reporters to all of the quarantined houses in the township were also praised by survivors of the virus for their tireless humanitarian work towards those who have been quarantined in the township.

According to More Than Me social workers, a total of 25 persons have died of the disease in the township, while dozens of others have been quarantined.

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